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October, 2010: Control4 Does Apps

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Taking a Page from the Apple Playbook

Apple's App Store has introduced an immense choice of applications for the IPhone, IPod, and IPad. Learning from Apple's success, Control4 has opened their own online app store, "4Store," accessible through customers' Control4 systems via the new 2.0 operating system. Read our recent July Newsletter to learn more about Control4's new 2.0 release. If you are considering upgrading to the new OS 2.0, apps available from 4Store may now be the perfect reason to jump in.

Within Control4's OS 2.0 primary navigation screen, select "More" then select "4Store." If you want to setup a purchasing account, you can log onto to create an account. Many apps are free, and there are several advanced apps for purchase. We will review the wonderful apps that are completely free at today's 4Store.

Once an account is created on, the controller will show a browser screen within the "4Store" menu. After selecting an app, there is an "Update" icon that transfers the app to the control system. It's quick and simple. After updating the system, each app can then be accessed and modified directly from Control4 user interfaces, such as onscreen navigators, touch panels, touch screens, IPhones, IPods, and IPads.

Additionally, within the 4Store menu, there is a "Manage" section to select app placement within the main "4" navigator icon listings, such as "Watch," "Listen," "Comfort," Security," or "Lighting." This provides quick access to apps used regularly. Additionally, apps can be programmed through Control4's Home Edition Software to run at scheduled dates and times. Web Radio is a perfect example of how a free app can provide great benefits.

Web Radio (free)

This is my favorite app. During the morning, I like to listen to the news and various radio programs. Unfortunately, my home and office locations don't provide excellent radio reception. Additionally, when I am not spending my one weekend-per-month in the Sierra Foothills, I like to tune into KVMR, the local radio station in Nevada City, via the internet. Web Radio is a simple interface with many pre-loaded web radio stations for immediate access. There is also a section where user-defined stations can be added. I created several listings of my favorite talk shows to play automatically during the weekdays at specific times, and I also programmed KVMR online radio to play each Saturday and Sunday morning. What a pleasure it is to sit down with a cup of freshly-brewed coffee, relax, and listen to Eric Rice's "County Line Bluegrass Show" on KVMR each Saturday morning, accessed via my Control4 system's streaming audio output.

News App (free)

If you are looking to get a quick glimpse of the news, the Yahoo "News" app provides a snapshot of current news feeds. This app also contains relevant photographs.

NFL Scores (free)

It's Sunday, and you want to get current with who is winning and where. "NFL Scores" is a quick and effective app that lists the current, up-to-date scoreboards of ongoing games.

Stock Indexes (free)

Want to see how the stock market is going? Access "Stock Indexes." This app lists the top worldwide market levels, including the Dow Jones, S&P 500, Nasdaq, and others.

World Clock (free)

Quick, what time is it in Tokyo? Access "World Clock" and get the time.

World Sunlight Map (free)

Do you remember the "Geochron" Clock? These were popular in the 70's and 80's, where a global map displays time, based on how the sun tracks it's sunlight footprint from East to West. This app provides a stunning image of the sun's progress from one end of the planet to the other.

Weather (free)

"Weather" automatically reads the location information from your controller and displays the current local weather conditions from "The Weather Channel." This provides a quick and detailed area-wide weekly forecast. If you are planning on taking a trip, cities can be searched by name and country.

Community Gallery (free)

Upload your favorite photographs and share with the community, much like Simply email your favorite photos to, and they will post them on the community site for free.

Apps by the Dozens

The list of available apps goes on and on. For example, if you want to pay a couple dollars, you can have your Control4 system manage your Netflix online movie queue. Perhaps you are a Facebook addict; why not browse your favorite friends on your Control4 system? Want to keep family up-to-date with Google Calendar? That's right, you can view and verify your entire schedule from the couch.

New apps are added weekly, along with the ability for developers to find niche markets. Energy usage is a great platform for developers to build apps that conserve energy and lower power bills while providing house-wide creature comforts. Since the 4Store is easily accessible directly through the control system itself, customers can browse from time-to-time, finding great new ways to enjoy technology.


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An Array of Apps at Your Fingertips

Control 4's "4Store" is available directly from each user interface, such as an onscreen, touch screen, or IPad. (click image to visit the 4Store site)


Web Radio

Web Radio is my favorite app, preloaded with many internet radio stations. It also has the ability to add personalized stations. (click image to visit the 4Store site)


World Sun Map

World Sun Map tracks the Sun's progress as it turns night into day and day into night. (click image to visit the 4Store site)



Get up-to-date weather information and a weekly forecast directly from your Control4 user interface. (click image to visit the 4Store site)


NFL Scores

Sometimes, we don't have enough time to watch our favorite team. Get the latest scores online with NFL Scores. (click image to visit the 4Store site)



The "Manage" menu can place apps within the "4" screen icon listings, such as "Watch," "Listen," "Comfort," Security," or "Lighting" for quick and easy access. (click image to visit the 4Store site)