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October, 2008

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Drop-Dead Gorgeous!


Four Big Control4 Products Released

Control4 has recently introduced several exciting new products that are simply amazing. Having been competing within the custom integration and home automation market for several years, Control4 now adds four big additions to its product range, making Control4 an even stronger adversary to their more expensive counterparts.

SR-250 Remote

The most exciting new product is the SR-250 remote. This remote elevates the Control4 experience to a new level. Many customers have enjoyed the existing System Remote, and it has proven to be a real work horse for the Control4 systems we have installed. The System Remote is indeed a “remote,” which has the look and feel of most average satellite or cable box remotes. Conversely, the SR-250 is a complete departure from its System Remote predecessor. The SR-250 is a sleek, black, ballast-weighted gem with clean-looking amber text window and beveled cursor buttons. The SR-250 has the look and feel of advanced industrial design. The job of an integration system is to make subsystems work, but the interface that connects the user to the system defines the experience. At only $199, it is easy to outfit many rooms with style. Since the System Remote is still compatible with all Control4 projects, you can keep existing System Remotes, but utilize them in locations that previously had no control (such as the patio, garage, or office). The SR-250 is available now, so get yours today!

Rhapsody Integration

Since the Consumer Electronics Convention in Las Vegas, we have been awaiting Control4’s Rhapsody integration. With the latest 1.6 update, you have access to thousands of music titles right from any one of your Control4 user interfaces. The graphics are first-rate, offering most of the same metadata from the Rhapsody site directly on any touchscreen, TV display, or remote. This includes artist, title, search, streaming commercial-free radio stations, play lists, and library backup. Additionally, Rhapsody can be programmed to wakeup schedules. With minor programming, you can awake to quiet classical pieces, then have the system change to smooth jazz while you are in the shower. The possibilities are vast. If you install a new system or have an existing system updated to 1.6, Rhapsody includes a free 30-day subscription and takes about five minutes to automatically activate house-wide. We have Rhapsody currently working at our showroom, so feel free to take a test drive. It is simply awesome.

7” Color Touchscreen

The 4” touchscreen has been one of the most popular Control4 products to date. It has a very affordable price at $699, and it can display everything necessary to run a large home. The 7” touchscreen is a bigger experience at a $1195 price. Just a little bit larger chassis than the 4” touchscreen, the 7” touchscreen is almost entirely display surface. This provides larger control images while having a small footprint. The 7” touchscreen also includes four programmable LED backlit buttons on the lower bezel frame. The screen size is perfect for viewing digital photographs on the screen saver function, as well as accessing crisp images from IP video cameras. We have changed out several 4” touchscreens with this new 7” hot rod, since the back boxes are not much different in size, so the retrofit is not overly difficult. We highly suggest installing at least one 7” touchscreen for your home, simply to have a luxuriously large display surface to navigate throughout several rooms from one central interface.


We were very excited when Control4 introduced the HC-300. It was the first controller to have an HDTV-resolution display output with crisp graphics. With the larger chassis, however, it became difficult to place the controller in tight places, such as behind flat-panel HDTVs. With the introduction of the HC-200, we now have a great single-room solution that can easily fit within the most difficult places. The price is right, too…. At $499, this now puts home automation in the same market as universal remotes. The HC-200 comes with a smaller version of the SR-250 remote, the SR-150. Since all Control4 products are compatible with one another, you can pair an HC-200 with an SR-250. The spare remote can still be utilized in locations that previously had no control (such as the patio, garage, or office). The HC-200 will be shipping soon, and we suggest getting your name on the list, since there is a huge interest in this product due to the price and form factor. Anyone with an older Home Theater Controller sitting behind their plasma or LCD display should seriously consider replacing it with a HC-200. Call us or email us at to reserve your HC-200 today.



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The New Control4 SR-250 Remote

This is the best-looking remote Control4 has ever produced. It is both clean and modern. A "must have" if you enjoy watching TV. The SR-250 sells for only $199, and is available today.


Rhapsody Integration

Now, you can access thousands of albums at your fingertips. This latest addition puts Control4 into the forefront as a dominant residential music solution. The integration is part of the new 1.6 update, and it includes a 30-Day free trial.

7" Color Touchscreen

With rich graphical resolution, the 7" Color Touchscreen brings ergonomics and style at an affordable price of $1195. The 7" Color Touchscreen provides ample display surface to view your various subsystems, along with Rhapsody Music artwork, digital photographs, and IP cameras. T he 7" Color Touchscreen is currently available.


This is a perfect solution for small rooms. The system sells for $499. Additionally, it has a crisp HD resolution while being small enough to attach behind any flat-panel TV. You can use the included SR-150 remote, which is very similar to the SR-250, or upgrade to the slicker SR-250 remote. The HC-200 is slated to ship soon during the fall season. Call or email us to place your orders. There is a backlog, so let us know if want to be put on the list. We are currently specifying HC-200's for long-term projects.