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September, 2009: CEDIA Update

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Hot Off The Press: CEDIA Expo is winding down, and we wanted to give you some interesting news from this year's Convention.


Control4 Introduces Composer 2.0

Control4 demonstrated its second-generation operating system (“OS 2.0”) at CEDIA EXPO 2009. Control4’s OS 2.0 will enable new levels of customization for the installer and personalization for the homeowner. This next-generation release offers new home-control functionality, easy-to-access whole-home systems, integration of 3rd party applications, and improved media management.

With a Flash-based software capabilities, the Control4 OS 2.0 will further the integration of third-party devices by adding the flexibility to design and integrate an interface to the control capabilities that is unique to the device and is delivered directly via the Control4 user interface (UI). The flash integration also provides very rich graphic capabilities to the line of Control4 touch screens.

Control4 OS 2.0 implements ZigBee® Pro standard, including the Home Automation (HA) profile, which allows a greater number of interoperable devices to be added to the Control4® system. The new OS 2.0 also implements the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) standard, enabling media served up by other products to be automatically available for playback within the Control4 system—improving management of video and audio files.

OS 2.0 includes the following software:

  • Navigator 2.0 – Updated user interface software for both Touch Screen and On Screen interface devices. Navigator 2.0 is based on Adobe® Flash and features an elegant, easy-to-use, and customizable interface with improved whole-home functionality.
  • Director 2.0 – The core of the Control4® system, Director 2.0, features significant improvements to include additional security settings, updated system components, and support for the industry-standard ZigBee Pro RF communications protocol.
  • Composer 2.0 – Composer 2.0 ensures that all Control4® solutions are easy to install and configure. Control4 has implemented a Composer 2.0 license activation, which allows authorized dealers to specify the installers allowed to use Composer 2.0 and to lock projects to prevent inadvertent changes.

OS 2.0 includes the following media enhancements:

  • Digital Living Network Alliance – With Director 2.0, Control4 has added support for the industry-standard DLNA protocol, allowing Control4® systems to automatically access audio files located on DLNA servers, including network-attached storage devices and Control4® controller hard drives.
  • Support for third-party media manager software – Control4 customers can select the media management tool of their choice (e.g, iTunes®, Windows Media Player, MediaMonkey, and others) to manage their media.  Via DLNA, updated items will automatically be reflected in Navigator 2.0.
  • Improved Media Database – Director 2.0 has an updated media database featuring improved performance, scalability and user features such as song and artist selection.


Sony's New 400-Disk Blu-ray Player

The Sony BDP-CX7000ES Blu-ray Disc MegaChanger is now available. This new MegaChanger allows customers to organize and play 400 Blu-ray Disc™ movies, DVDs and CDs from a single changer. 
In addition to storing and playing up to 400 discs, the BDP-CX7000ES offers all the capabilities of a fully-featured Blu-ray Disc™ player, including Full HD 1080p video output , HD audio support, BD-Live™ access , and the ability to upscale standard DVDs to near HD quality over an HDMI™ connection.
The BDP-CX7000ES's built-in RS-232 port allows the MegaChanger to be accessed and controlled by the Control4® system using a two-way serial driver.  This driver will provide an easy way to automatically scan for Blu-ray cover art and metadata.   With the Control4 system customers will have an easy way to navigate and play their Blu-ray, DVD, and CD collection from any of their Control4 navigators.
Super Bit Mapping up steps the standard 8bit Blu-ray Disc or DVD video signal to 14bits providing extremely smooth video gradation, even on 8bit television panels. HD Reality Enhancement sharpens edges for super-crisp video.
The MegaChanger's rental slot allows for quick loading, unloading and watching rental movies through a dedicated slot with easy one button access. Price on the BDP-CX7000ES is $1899.99.


Kwikset Zigbee-Controlled Deadbolt System

We are pleased to announce the Kwikset® SmartCode® with Home Connect™ Technology ZigBee Deadbolt. 
The ZigBee Deadbolt adds enhanced security and convenience to any Control4 system.  Add this lock to all entry doors of a home for improved security and peace of mind.  Through any of the Control4 interfaces, including the Control4 ZigBee System Remote Control SR-250, view the status and lock or unlock the deadbolt from any room in the home.  The ZigBee deadbolt can also be monitored and controlled remotely through Web Navigator, and directly integrates to update manager to allow deadbolt firmware to be updated seamlessly in the system.  ZigBee Pro provides 128-bit encryption for secure communication within the Control4 system
The ZigBee Deadbolt can be configured in custom programming.  Easily set up Welcome Home or Good Night scenes that automatically lock or unlock the deadbolt.  Set up custom Lighting Scenes or security-panel control when the deadbolt is locked or unlocked.
The ZigBee Deadbolt easily replaces the home's current deadbolt.  Only one screwdriver is required to install, and no wires need to be run. 

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