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August, 2010: New Control4 Interfaces

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New Touch Screen Designs Arrive

Control4 has introduced its new line of "InfinityEdge" touch screens.

These new panels provide a sleek modern design. Edge-to-edge capacitive glass, combined with the elegant 2.0 Flash user interface reveals the most visually stunning Control4 touch screens to date. The 5" version is priced at $599, and the 7" version at $899.

With a choice of AC power or Power Over Ethernet, wired or Wi-Fi connectivity options, and four programmable buttons for customized commands, this flexible solution is perfect for every room in the house.

A key feature of the InfinityEdge design is it's shared back box. The 5" and 7" versions utilize the same mounting mechanism. Additionally, either touch screen can be swapped by the end user, simply by unlatching the glass screen element from its back box. Customers can purchase a 5", then replace the smaller screen with a larger 7" with little effort. Additionally, Control4 manufactures an adapter to modify existing older touch screen back boxes to become compatible with the new InfinityEdge series products.

Control4 Intercom

The InfinityEdge series now includes intercom. For all of our customers who have wanted the ability to communicate via touch screens, your time has arrived! This feature is activated by a $499 license. One license covers all InfinityEdge touch screens system-wide.

Here is the list of intercom features from Control4:

  • Features:

    Trying to wake up your teenager? Communicate with an InfinityEdge Touch
    Screen in a single room.

    Dinner ready? Send an announcement to multiple InfinityEdge touch screens in
    different zones or to all InfinityEdge touch screens in the home.

    Sleeping baby? Set the InfinityEdge Touch screens to monitoring mode to listen

    Privacy/Do Not Disturb settings are also available


Android Navigator

For those customers who own Blackberry and Android phones, the Control4 Navigator for these devices is now available. Like its cousin Ipod/Iphone/Ipad Navigator, the Android/Blackberry Navigator License is $99 with a $50 activation fee.

With a Control4 enabled smart phone, Mobile Navigator allows customers to control security, lighting, temperature, music and video in the same way they would control subsystems via Control4 touch screens. Offering a visual representation of the Control4 system, the Mobile Navigator application for BlackBerry and Android now provides all smart phone consumers with an exciting Control4 interface solution.

With the release of Control4 O/S 2.0, Mobile Navigator is packaged with an upgraded Control4 4Sight remote monitoring subscription to enable full home control directly over the 3G network with the same full featured, easy-to-use interface that is available over local home Wi-Fi networks. Additionally, the Mobile Navigator uniquely identifies and authenticates the Control4 system to Blackberry/Android mobile devices, eliminating unauthorized access. 4Sight includes email notifications, alerting to events of interest (i.e. garage door left open, attempted access with invalid code on a Kwikset ZigBee deadbolt, etc.) along with full home control of lighting, thermostat, and even A/V devices over the internet.

The Mobile Navigator application is a free download from the smart phone or mobile device provider’s application store (i.e. BlackBerry App World and Google Marketplace). Come get them while they're hot.


Email or call us if you are interested in these new Control4 product developments.


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Clean Look

With their edge-to-edge glass, the new InfinityEdge products provide a clean new look. (click image to view brochure)


Watch the Screen Swap

The InfinityEdge product series shares a common back box, which makes the touch screens interchangeable. (click image to view youtube video)


Control4 Intercom Is Here

For those customers patiently awaiting the Control4 intercom feature, your time has finally arrived. (click image to view brochure)


Blackberry and Android Navigators

Are you a smart phone user? Now, Control4 navigators are available for Blackberry and Android. (click image to view product information)


Don't Forget Kwikset Locksets

Instead of hunting for keys, use your Android or Blackberry to open your front door. (click image to view product information)