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July, 2010: Control4 OS 2.0 Is Here!

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We are proud to announce the release of Control4 2.0 Operating System, the most powerful operating system to date. 2.0 offers improved control functionality, tools for developers, support for exciting hardware products, an app store, and a whole new look.

2.0 is flash-based, providing three-dimensional graphics and a number of background options. It's easy to customize the system home page, wallpaper, themes, and screen savers. Control4 includes several customized options with OS 2.0. Customers can add "favorites," use programmable buttons to set lighting or music scenes, create play lists, and build interfaces to suit their unique lifestyles.

2.0 allows users to easily mark favorite pages for faster access. Page flips can be programmed into the project, directing the navigator to display a specific page with one touch. Additionally, media cover art is accessed quicker and media scanning is now handled directly from the controller when connected to the internet. Scanning can also be scheduled to occur during times when the system is not in use, such as late night/early morning hours.

2.0 now supports seven languages: English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, and Ukrainian. With internet connectivity, additional languages will become available.

Control4 began it’s foray towards 2.0 with the adoption of ZigBee Pro technology. Zigbee Pro provides a more secure and robust version of the ZigBee network, allowing for the integration of such products as the KwikSet® automated deadbolt system.

Additionally, Control4 has introduced the 4Store™ Application Marketplace. 4Store™ apps provide fun and useful features which enhance the functionality of both Control4 and third-party devices. Customers can create a 4Store account online, then purchase/download 4Store applications. Apps include daily weather reports, top news stories, code change capability for KwikSet® locks, and games, all accessible from system-wide touch screens and navigators.

Since 2.0 is based in flash, 3rd party developers can build plug-ins to further improve the look and customization capabilities for a Control4 system. In the not-too-distant future, customers may add custom options like motion adaptive 3-dimensional icons that move or rotate when pressed; perhaps a short video clip or graphic screen effect may book-end page flips and other popup screens. The possibilities are almost endless. Flash is a universally accepted standard for developers, which makes 2.0 the first open-architecture platform for integration systems.

2.0 is a $399 software license, but any Controller purchased after December 23, 2009 and used as a primary controller is eligible for a free upgrade to OS 2.0. This does not include any hardware cost for replacing unsupported hardware with newer versions nor the time spent to perform the upgrade.

Here is the official list of improvements from Control4 regarding OS 2.0:

End User Interface improvements
- Adobe® Flash-based Navigator with new functionality and improved user experience
- 4Store™ applications – visit or use Navigator to download applications
- Zones page – improved support for analog audio sources
- Locale – ability to select the language used by the Flash Navigator interface. Control4® OS 2.0 ships with support for six languages: French, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, and English. New languages can be added easily to the OS using our Language Development Kit. Support for new languages does not require a software update, so check your system often to see if new languages have been added.

Ease of Customization improvements
- Custom Home Pages – users can select which options they want on their home page
- Favorites – users can mark specific pages as favorites for direct access
- Macros – Installers can create Composer programming that is directly linked to Favorites
- Page Flips – Installers can create Composer programming to link the UI to a specific page
- Hide/Show/Order Lights and Lighting Scenes
- System Wide Lighting – users can access another room's lights from a single page

Performance and Scalability improvements

- ZigBee Pro performance improvements over 1.8.2
- New media database and media scanning functionality – size, performance, and scalability improvements coupled with ability to do scheduled and programmatic scanning

Other improvements

- Electronic licensing – Control4® Dealers can purchase all Control4 software licenses and manage them electronically, either using a credit card or through the standard purchase order process.
- AAC codec support – support for playing AAC (.m4a) files
- Secure Connections Only (SSL) – configure the Control4® system to allow only secure network connections
- WPA Support – WPA Wi-Fi security support

Do all systems need a software license to upgrade to OS 2.0?

Yes. All existing systems need an OS 2.0 software license to upgrade.

- Control4® Controllers (HC-200, HC-300, HC-500, or HC-1000) that were purchased during the free upgrade window and are functioning as the primary controller will upgrade to OS 2.0 without requiring a license.

What is the free upgrade window and how does it work?
On December 23, 2009, in conjunction with the announcement of new lighting products based on ZigBee® Pro, Control4 announced that controllers purchased on or after that date would be eligible for a free upgrade to OS 2.0. No paperwork or manual procedures are required to access the free upgrade, however, the controller must be the primary controller (running Director) when the upgrade is performed in order to receive the free upgrade.

Do new systems purchased by customers need an OS 2.0 Software License?

No. All new systems have the ability and license to run OS 2.0 after today. The OS 2.0 Software License is only required to upgrade existing systems to OS 2.0.


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A Completely New Look

With its flash base, 2.0 provides a multi-dimensional look with clean graphics and easy navigation. (click image to view the 2.0 brochure)


Better Media Display

2.0 allows for media scanning to occur via internet connection, eliminating the need for separate software such as Composer Media to add or change media listed within navigation pages. (click image to view the 2.0 brochure)


Cool Apps

2.0 apps add another dimension to the Control4 experience. Get the latest news and weather via your Control4 interface. (click image to visit the 4Store™)


IPad Set the Standard

Control4 gave us a glimpse of the 2.0 graphical interface with the introduction of the IPad Navigator License. (click image to view product information)


Kwikset Locksets

Since 2.0 runs ZigBee Pro, the wireless signal can be encrypted, making it possible to secure your environment remotely. (click image to view product information)




Watch the UTube Video

Control4 has provided several informative videos to see how the new interface performs. (click image to visit web site)