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April, 2010: Take A Bite on New Apple Products

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A Huge Fiscal Quarter for Apple Inc.

It’s hard to miss venerable Apple’s recent exhilarating breakout quarter, with its $13 billion sales revenue and $3 billion in profits. Whether on the evening news, in the local paper, or on the web, the exuberance is paired with Apple’s release of their IPad this month. Now, we’re here to throw more gasoline on the fire and hype Apple even further by introducing several new assets to the integration and control market.

The Apple IPad Navigator

The IPad is now a Control4 partner product. IPad owners can log on to and download the “My House” navigator ap for free. Once downloaded, we can provide an activation code for $99, plus a $50 activation fee. With a sales price of $499, plus the cost of the $149 “My House” navigator option, the IPad has now become the least-expensive integration touch panel, seriously competing with all touch panels, regardless of price, from any company. Click on this link to view the IPad in action:

The IPad Navigator works through Control4’s web service. When a customer purchases a “My House” navigator license, we register the IPad with the customer’s account. While we are registering the IPad navigator license, the customer can also sign up for a $99 yearly subscription of 4Sight Services. 4Sight allows Control4 system owners to log into their systems remotely and control their systems offsite. This is a great service to have, especially with the newly-announced introduction of the IPad G3 model, to be released at month’s end. Since the G3 model uses cell-based internet access, as well as IP, the IPad G3 can be used to control a home environment almost anywhere on the planet.

According to Control4, later in the year customers “will be able to use Control4 My Home in conjunction with a Control4® 4Sight remote monitoring subscription to turn lights on and off, lock or unlock doors, or access IP video cameras and security systems from the Internet, providing increased home security and peace of mind.”

The Apple IPod/IPhone Navigator

The IPad navigator has its origins from the smaller, yet older brother, the IPod/IPhone navigator. Many of our customers have found the IPod/IPhone navigator to be an invaluable asset to their control4 systems. With the release of the new IPad navigator license, Control4 has lowered the cost of the IPod/IPhone navigator license from $299 to $99 (plus our $50 activation fee). Any Control4 customer with an IPod Touch, IPhone, or IPad has little reason not to have that Apple equipped with a Control4 system navigator. Teenagers are notorious for losing and abusing remotes, yet they always manage to keep their IPods and IPhones well-protected. Perhaps it has something to do with their cherished music library. Adding navigator licenses to your kids’ IPods and IPhones makes a great solution for those lovable creatures who need their own remote controls.

The Control4 IPod/IPhone Dock

Control4’s IPod Dock is a great solution for IPod/IPhone music. When the IPod or IPhone is docked, the Control4 system reads the album and song information and displays the metadata on house-wide interfaces, such as onscreen navigators, remotes, touch panels, and yes... other IPods, IPhones, and IPads. Have a house party where your guests load up their favorite songs on their own IPods and IPhones; take turns discovering everyone’s favorite music.

The Apple TV 2-Way IP Driver

There’s even more great news from Apple. Ap developer, Extra Vegetables, announced this week a $299 Control4 2-way IP driver for the Apple TV. This driver allows for Apple TV metadata to be viewed on Control4 systems. Much like the IPod Dock, the Apple TV can read Itunes music libraries and playlists. Apple TV also plays internet media. For $299, plus our $50 activation fee, Apple TV can become a central part of your Control4 system.

Click on this link to view the Apple TV 2-way driver in action:

Additionally, the Apple TV and 2-way driver allows Control4 owners to search Audiobooks, Podcasts, and Composers, as well as to connect directly to iTunes for larger music libraries. In short, the Apple TV is nothing short of “impressive.”


With Apple Inc. based in California, it is great to see companies like Apple succeed. Product and software developments boost economic activity in our state, and this progress provides opportunities. We praise Apple’s success, and with the help of others like Apple, we will see more exciting products and applications on the horizon.

Give us a call, and get your Apple products connected to your Control4 system.



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The New IPad Navigator

At $499, plus $149 Navigator License ap, the new IPad transforms into a high-end touch panel (click image to view website)

Quality Graphics

Control4 utilizes new graphics, which is a "sneak peak" at the long-awaited 2.0 software version. (click image to view the ap store website and download)


The IPod/IPhone Navigator

The IPod/IPhone is equally impressive with a small form factor. The IPod/IPhone Navigator is great for the kids. (click image to view website)


IPod/IPhone Dock

The IPod/IPhone dock allows users to view metadata from their device and play music house-wide from various Control4 user interfaces, including other IPods, IPhones, and IPads. (click image to view website)


Apple TV 2-Way IP Driver

Apple TV provides an efficient means to access ITunes libraries and play AAC music files without an IPod or IPhone. (click image to view website)


Extra Vegetables Graphics

The onscreen, touch screen, IPod/Iphone/Ipad navigator, and remotes all communicate directly with Control4 via IP (click image to view video)



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