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January, 2010: LIVE FROM CES!

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Straight from the CES Convention:

CES is in full swing at this very minute, and I am having a great time looking at the new gadgets, getting the latest update on technology trends, visiting booths from our manufacturers, and getting a real taste of Las Vegas... from my living room sofa at home.


That’s right. I have spent much of Saturday and a good portion of today spending time at CES without leaving my home. Normally, I like to attend CES once every other year or so; however, due to my parenting schedule, along with a commercial installation job in full swing, this year’s trip to Las Vegas simply couldn’t materialize. For two days, I was able to view both live and pre-recorded video feeds direct from CES on my 58-inch plasma, via our high-definition connection to my home computer. Video and sound quality has been quite good with broadband speed.

Considering the amount of information in our newsletters regarding digital media, this weekend has become a perfect time to show all of you readers how far media technology has progressed. Most importantly, much of the streaming media from the show is about streaming media itself. One of the best segments is CNET’s Supersession: “I Want My IPTV.” To view this conference, click on; snav and browse the slider bar list of flash videos below the monitor window. Find the stream and click/link. The small box “TV” icon on the lower right will expand the image to full screen.

This meeting brings together industry leaders in the IP video space, including DLink’s “Boxee” offering, Comcast, Verizon, and various other experts. Clearly, the market is moving in the direction of streaming digital media, and this forum discusses deployment, digital rights management, and distribution. Watching this video is like viewing a snapshot in history, where industry leaders discuss the immense economic and cultural topics coming our way soon.

Next, I browsed for quality streams that provide a perspective from the showroom floor. The coverage on Twit has been exceptional. I am actually watching the live feed now as I compose this newsletter. If you have a chance, visit This is the actual stream from the show in flash format. You may be prompted to install Adobe Flash Player on your computer. Flash requires relatively little resources, and it is a commonly used streaming video format. You may be familiar with Premiere Radio celebrity, Leo LaPorte, “The Tech Guy.”

Leo has been on-air at this weekend for a marathon four-day video stream on the showroom floor, conducting interviews and even taking us into swanky invite-only press parties. To view all of these segments, visit watch?v=Me3FvVXe1eg. From there, you can link directly to and the several segments Leo and other reporters have produced (on the right column of the YouTube window). The video streaming quality, along with the immediacy of content, make me feel as if I were really at the convention itself interacting with Leo and his associates.

There are also several mobile video uploads on YouTube. These posts are great resources, since they provide quick clips regarding interesting new technologies from the people who actually had a part in product development.

I enjoyed Control4’s Smart Grid Technology

I also enjoyed the post from the Lutron booth, where Lutron Lighting and Control4 seamlessly integrate together. For those of you clients with Lutron lighting systems, you should definitely watch this video.

My favorite post is hosted by our Card Access rep, Kyle Froughton, who introduces Card Access’ new application for Control4 2.0, “Home Tracker.” This software allows dealers to build a floor plan of a customer’s home and receive feedback of motion detectors and other sensors to monitor and control systems on Control4 touch screens. (

Lastly, you simply HAVE to view the new Control4 Ap Store. This is coming soon with the release of Control4’s 2.0 software in the near future. (

I also browsed closed-door industry conferences. For those interested in the growing Smart Grid HAN Market, Control4 CEO, Will West, provides his views of how smart grid applies to consumers and discusses Control4’s direction in the smart grid market. You can’t get this kind of access to information by attending the show in-person. It’s only available on the internet. (

You can see the entire list of YouTube posts by accessing this link: (

CNET is part of CEA, the Consumer Electronics Association, and CNET hosts the Awards Ceremony for the best, most noteworthy products for 2010. This year, Panasonic’s VT25 Televisions with 3D technology won the best of show. CNET’s editor at large, Brian Cooley provides a very professional and informative review of all category winners. (

Though nothing beats being there, I actually had a great time immersing myself in the CES media experience this weekend. Now, I can take my Sunday mountain bike ride, rather than having to fly home, lumber through airports, and deal with TSA officials. Though next year, I just might take my own video camera and upload my own posts for your enjoyment. That would be a pretty good gig! By then, we should have increased internet speeds and a whole new lineup of streaming media products to review.


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Attend CES from Home?

This was the extent of my long walks through the Las Vegas Convention Center. Nothing better than a comfy sofa and cold drink to make it all possible....


Digital Streaming Panel

Panelists discuss the future of media content. (click image to view video)


Live Video Streaming from the Show

Leo LaPorte, "The Tech Guy" provides live streaming commentary from the showroom foor. (click image to view's live feed)


Control4's Ap Store

Control4 introduced their Ap Store. Here, customers can purchase plug-ins for Control4's upcoming 2.0 release. (click image to view video)


Card Access and "Home Tracker" Ap

Card Access has a great new ap called "Home Tracker". This is a very elegant graphical interface. (click image to view video)


Lutron Unveils Control4 Integration

The long-awaited integration partnership between Lutron and Control4 is now complete. (click image to view video)



Best of Show

CNET provided excellent coverage for the Best of Show Awards. Panasonic's 3D Television took the trophy this year. (click image to view video)