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James CarlsonJames Carlson

Rain Bird (WAV24)

Rain Bird (WMA)

Rain Bird (CD)

Rain Bird (MP3)


Rebel Tree

Linha Vermelho

Por Causa Di Voce


Steal My Kisses

Three Little Birds

Walk Into A Rainbow


BeaumontBeau Mont

Take Time (MP3)

Take Time (WMA)

Take Time (WAV)


BeaumontEnvironmental Sounds

City Sounds (WMA)

City Sounds (WAV)


Stone TrainStone Train

Ain't No Sunshine (MP3)

Ain't No Sunshine (WMA)

Ain't No Sunshine (WAV)

Ain't No Sunshine (CD)

Superstition (MP3)

Superstition (WMA)

Superstition (WAV)

Superstition (CD)

Cruisin' (MP3)

Cruisin' (WMA)

Cruisin' (WAV)

Cruisin' (CD)

Strawberry Wine (MP3)

Strawberry Wine (WMA)

Strawberry Wine (WAV)

Strawberry Wine (CD)

Come Back to Bed (MP3)

Come Back to Bed (WMA)

Come Back to Bed (WAV)

Come Back to Bed (CD)

One More Night in Hollywood (MP3)

One More Night in Hollywood (WMA)

One More Night in Hollywood (WAV)

One More Night in Hollywood (CD)

Dock of the Bay (MP3)

Dock of the Bay (WMA)

Dock of the Bay (WAV)

Dock of the Bay (CD)


HacksThe Local Hacks

Sweet Mary (mp3 file)

Has Anybody Seen My Mind?

Ride Me Down Easy

River Production Studio Session

September Studio Session Bloopers


HacksMP3 Downloads

Linha Vermelho

Por Causa Di Voce


Steal My Kisses

Three Little Birds

Walk Into A Rainbow


About High-Resolution 24-Bit Recordings

This may sound like a restaurant commercial, but....

We start with the finest ingredient, musicianship. We work like great souschefs, preparing our musical food before we enter the kitchen. The utensils are sharp and well-maintained. During our recording process, we capture the essence of the wood, the metal of the string, to provide channel-filling elements. This effort provides the bandwidth necessary for a flavorful recording. With correct microphone placement and attention to heat levels, the result is a well-balanced, healthy listening stock, with essential nutrients for the soul.

The editing process arranges levels with balance and epicurean proportionality. We dash light, healthy spices to enhance natural flavors. The final presentation rejects empty plates with complimentary green sprigs. No. Ours is a full-bodied presentation of quality cochlear content. Enthusiasts transport themselves with an intoxicating dish of senses from another place and time.

As artists, we live by an attitude of quality, however glib. Since the music industry regularly reinvents itself, its practices, and its support for the entrepreneurs who drive it, we have to stand for one reliable constant, which is to craft a quality listening experience, capable of elevating the listener.

Each and every person has the capacity to inter-relate through music. No other medium than the logical placement of sound provides this primal communication element. With the advent of the internet, both creative and introspective minds provide the highest-quality content for public pleasure. This is the forefront of musical renaissance, and an interesting new creative front.

We share a larger music evolution. Relentless efforts will satisfy listeners, but the quality of artists’ work will determine the outcome. Given today’s technology, common hamlet artists have the opportunity to reach more than the Beatles could ever imagine. Both quality content and listening distribution have simultaneously re-defined the music industry. Our efforts in San Diego, San Francisco, and Nevada City have reached around the world. A listener in Zimbabwe can hear music files from your current screen view. If you travel to New York, London, Paris, Milan, Moscow, Tokyo, or Shanghai, the same truth exists. Access will continue from places far and wide. We intend to be where all culture can experience musical excellence.

Since any listener with an internet connection can access the highest-quality recordings ever made, we intend to provide our content. This starts with the work we do in the kitchen, so sharpen the knives and fire up the stoves... “Soup’s On!”

- Cliff Roepke


James Carlson is a resident of Nevada City who offers an interesting mix of acoustic, western, indie, and rock. My first project with him was to remix an excellent tune, Rainbird.

Beau Mont is a recent recording effort to develop an eclectic mix of Pop, Jazz, Funk, and Brazillian sounds. The group is comprised of Ken Beaumont (guitar/vocals) and bassist Marcos Silva. The direction of Beau Mont is to follow up on the original path of Rebel Tree.

Stone Train is a local San Diego band with an ever-growing fan base. Krista Richards (vocals/piano), Dave Kemp (drums/piano), and Ken Beaumont (guitar/vocals) deliver an eclectic mix of classic Bossa Nova, Blues, R&B, and Classic Rock. You can visit their website, www.stonetrain.com. It is always a pleasure to join them to play percussion. Bassist Marcos Silva often joins as well.

Rebel Tree is a local San Diego duo, specializing in Brazilian standards. members Ken Beaumont and Marcio, take a unique "snappy" percussion attitude in adaptations of their life-long relationship with native Brazilian music. Our mutual interst in Brazilian music drew us together to play several nights in a local club, Capri Blu. before long, they were in the studio, creating great recordings.

Local Hacks is exactly what it says. Steve Griffiths (guitar/vocals), John Fischer (guitar/vocals), and myself (percussion/harmonica) make up a veritable trio of "hacks." we do our best, and sometimes we pull off a small gem. Practice makes perfect, which happens during our social hours.